012-606 1839 (Vicky) - English / Bahasa or 016-698 5522 (Mr How) - Chinese vicky@qbtpalmoil.com
Min Order Quantity 20 MT (1 Container 20 footer)
Payment Terms Sight LC / TT. For large orders, please state “Partial Shipment is allowed” in your LC
Delivery Time 2 working days after receipt of Purchase Order and proof of payment (either LC or TT)
Label No label / QBT Label / Buyer Own Label
Price FOB Quoted in Ringgit Malaysia and is subject to all prevailing export duties imposed by Malaysian Government
Loading Port Butterworth or Penang Port
Shipping to Destination Port Buyer to arrange, otherwise we can recommend Shipping Company
Documents Provided 1)  Bill of Lading
2)  Commercial Invoice
3)  Packing List
4)  Certificate of Analysis
5)  Certificate of Origin
Contract for long term supply Can be signed, minimum 6 months tenure